About us
Iš privačios V. Žalio kolekcijosGUBERNIJA brewery started its work in 1665 and since the old times was a part of the Gubernija manor that supplied food provision to the Royal Table; therefore, beer and all the meals were of the highest quality. In XVII – XIX GUBERNIJA’s brewery was situated near the central post-office’s horse road to Petersburg-Berlin-Paris and its beer was famous all over Europe. In the historical chronicles it is mentioned that in 1807 Russian Tsar Alexander I with the family on the way to the meeting with Napoleon Bonaparte in Tilze, was drinking a tasteful beer of GUBERNIJA. Today as well as before GUBERNIJA can offer beer of the highest quality – dark, light and ale sort of beer produced according to a classic technology (without the use of enlarged density technology when half-stuff beer is being diluted with water). We do our best in keeping up with the old traditions of brewery, naturalness and authenticity in selecting primary products and subsidiary component as well as following the requirements of traditional brewery technology. The high quality primary products from our time-tested suppliers are used for brewery. Our employees are experienced and qualified. The brewery from the old times was famous for a high quality of its beer, the experience of the brewers and manufacture traditions. The exhibition awards from the beginning of XX century as well as the international awards of the present decade serve as an approval. Pictures are taken from the private collection of V. Žalys. Gubernija’s regulations, 1922.